​Phenolic-backed, solid aluminum sheets with beautifully embossed textures. Our line of textured metals is the perfect combination of natural elements and geometry. Choose from a wide array of patterns from tulips and river rocks to basketweave and celtic.


Phenolic Backed

Thickness: 1.3mm

Sheet Size:
   Width:  48 7/16”
   Length: 120 11/16”

Colors:  Copper

Thickness: 0.9mm

Sheet Size:
   Width:  48 1/2”
   Length: 96 1/2”

Colors:  Copper


Due to monitor capability and color calibrations, actual colors may vary. Pattern size and proportion may also vary in an effort to make the pattern visible online. All images are edited to show the samples as life-like as possible. We cannot guarantee that the color or pattern proportion you see online accurately portrays the true color/size of the product. We recommend that you order complimentary samples to verify color and pattern size.​

A perfect combination of natural elements and geometry. 

  1. Basketweave (HBW)
    Basketweave (HBW)
  2. HBW001
  3. HBW002
  4. HBW003
  1. Birch (EBR)
    Birch (EBR)
  2. EBR01 Copper
    EBR01 Copper
  3. EBR02 Silver
    EBR02 Silver
  4. EBR04 Bronze
    EBR04 Bronze
  1. Block Pile (EBP)
    Block Pile (EBP)
  2. EBP01 - Copper
    EBP01 - Copper
  3. EBP04 Bronze
    EBP04 Bronze
  4. EBP02 Silver
    EBP02 Silver
  1. Celtic (ECC)
    Celtic (ECC)
  2. ECC01 Copper
    ECC01 Copper
  3. ECC02 Silver
    ECC02 Silver
  4. ECC04 Bronze
    ECC04 Bronze
  1. CircleTex (ECT)
    CircleTex (ECT)
  2. ECT01 Copper
    ECT01 Copper
  3. ECT02 Silver
    ECT02 Silver
  4. ECT04 Bronze
    ECT04 Bronze
  1. Cubic (ECB)
    Cubic (ECB)
  2. ECB01 Copper
    ECB01 Copper
  3. ECB 02 Silver
    ECB 02 Silver
  4. ECB04 Bronze
    ECB04 Bronze
  1. Fiber (EFE)
    Fiber (EFE)
  2. EFE01 Copper
    EFE01 Copper
  3. EFE02 Silver
    EFE02 Silver
  4. EFE04 Bronze
    EFE04 Bronze
  1. Field (EFD)
    Field (EFD)
  2. EFD04 Bronze
    EFD04 Bronze
  3. EFD01 Copper
    EFD01 Copper
  4. EFD02 Silver
    EFD02 Silver
  1. Flame (EFM)
    Flame (EFM)
  2. EFM01 Copper
    EFM01 Copper
  3. EFM02 Silver
    EFM02 Silver
  4. EFM04 Bronze
    EFM04 Bronze
  1. Flora (HFL)
    Flora (HFL)
  2. HFL01 Copper
    HFL01 Copper
  3. HFL02 Silver
    HFL02 Silver
  4. HFL03 Gold
    HFL03 Gold
  1. Horizontal Flow (EHF)
    Horizontal Flow (EHF)
  2. EHF01 Copper
    EHF01 Copper
  3. EHF02 Silver
    EHF02 Silver
  4. EHF04 Bronze
    EHF04 Bronze
  1. I-Square (HIS)
    I-Square (HIS)
  2. HIS01 Copper
    HIS01 Copper
  3. HIS02 Silver
    HIS02 Silver
  4. HIS03 Gold
    HIS03 Gold
  1. Matrix (HMX)
    Matrix (HMX)
  2. HMX01 Copper
    HMX01 Copper
  3. HMX02 Silver
    HMX02 Silver
  4. HMX03 Gold
    HMX03 Gold
  1. Metal Ice (HMI)
    Metal Ice (HMI)
  2. HMI01 Copper
    HMI01 Copper
  3. HMI02 Silver
    HMI02 Silver
  4. HMI03 Gold
    HMI03 Gold
  1. Monsoon (EMN)
    Monsoon (EMN)
  2. EMN04 Bronze
    EMN04 Bronze
  3. EMN02 Silver
    EMN02 Silver
  4. EMN01 Copper
    EMN01 Copper
  1. Orbs (EOS)
    Orbs (EOS)
  2. EOS01 Copper
    EOS01 Copper
  3. EOS02 Silver
    EOS02 Silver
  4. EOS04 Bronze
    EOS04 Bronze
  1. Paisley (EPS)
    Paisley (EPS)
  2. EPS01 Copper
    EPS01 Copper
  3. EPS02 Silver
    EPS02 Silver
  4. EPS04 Bronze
    EPS04 Bronze
  1. Palette (EPE)
    Palette (EPE)
  2. EPE01 Copper
    EPE01 Copper
  3. EPE02 Silver
    EPE02 Silver
  4. EPE04 Bronze
    EPE04 Bronze
  1. Pelt (EPL)
    Pelt (EPL)
  2. EPL01 Copper
    EPL01 Copper
  3. EPL02 Silver
    EPL02 Silver
  4. EPL04 Bronze
    EPL04 Bronze
  1. Poly (EPY)
    Poly (EPY)
  2. EPY01 Copper
    EPY01 Copper
  3. EPY02 Silver
    EPY02 Silver
  4. EPY04 Bronze
    EPY04 Bronze
  1. Quartz (EQZ)
    Quartz (EQZ)
  2. EQZ01 Copper
    EQZ01 Copper
  3. EQZ02 Silver
    EQZ02 Silver
  4. EQZ04 Bronze
    EQZ04 Bronze
  1. Riptide (ERD)
    Riptide (ERD)
  2. ERD01 Copper
    ERD01 Copper
  3. ERD02 Silver
    ERD02 Silver
  4. ERD04 Bronze
    ERD04 Bronze
  1. River Rocks
    River Rocks
  1. RoofTops (ERT)
    RoofTops (ERT)
  2. ERT01 Copper
    ERT01 Copper
  3. ERT02 Silver
    ERT02 Silver
  4. ERT04 Bronze
    ERT04 Bronze
  1. Sect  (HST)
    Sect (HST)
  2. HST01 Copper
    HST01 Copper
  3. HST02 Silver
    HST02 Silver
  4. HST03 Gold
    HST03 Gold
  1. Shattered Metal (HSM)
    Shattered Metal (HSM)
  2. HSM01 Copper
    HSM01 Copper
  3. HSM02 Silver
    HSM02 Silver
  4. HSM03 Gold
    HSM03 Gold
  1. Static (ESC)
    Static (ESC)
  2. ESC01 Copper
    ESC01 Copper
  3. ESC02 Silver
    ESC02 Silver
  4. ESC04 Bronze
    ESC04 Bronze
  1. Swipe (HSW)
    Swipe (HSW)
  2. HSW01 Copper
    HSW01 Copper
  3. HSW02 Silver
    HSW02 Silver
  4. HSW03 Gold
    HSW03 Gold
  1. Tulips (ETP)
    Tulips (ETP)
  2. ETP01 Copper
    ETP01 Copper
  3. ETP02 Silver
    ETP02 Silver
  4. ETP04 Bronze
    ETP04 Bronze